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Thanks for visiting our website today! Cyclone Family Weekend is a time for the families of Iowa State students to come to Ames, Iowa and see what Iowa State University is all about! The weekend will feature many great events, including a volleyball game and tailgate on Saturday and brunch on Sunday! This event promises to be a bonding experience between families and students. We hope to see you there!

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Family of the Year

Congratulations to the Swanson Family!

(Adelai Swanson nominated her grandparents for this award).

     Adelai's grandparents started the family’s Iowa State path. Her grandfather graduated with a degree in farm operations, and her grandmother graduated with a degree in Home Economics. While her grandparents actually met at the Iowa State Fair, their relationship grew over the course of their years at Iowa State. Raising their sons only 45 minutes away from Ames in Galt, Iowa, ISU soon became their “home away from home”. When it came time for their sons to decide on colleges, it was a “no brainer”. Two sons followed their dad’s footsteps and graduated with degrees from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and their third son graduated with a degree in graphic design. The family is eternally grateful for Iowa State, especially the grandchildren, because all three sons met their wives at ISU and have raised their children to be Cyclones! To the Swanson family, Iowa State University is more than a college, it is their home.

In the Picture:

  • Ronald Swanson - '61 Farm Operations BS
  • Florine Schulte Swanson - '64 Home Economics Education BS
  • Kendell Swanson - '89 Food Technology and Economics BS
  • Stuart Swanson - '90 Ag. Business BS
  • Lori Pickup Swanson - '92 Elementary Education
  • Steven Swanson - '96 Graphic Design BA
  • Denise Swanson Swanson - Art Education '97 BFA '99 MA
  • Adelai Swanson - '16 Agricultural Business and Public Relations
  • Sydney Swanson - '18 Child, Adult, and Family Services
  • Celeste Swanson - '19 Ag. Business
  • Victoria Swanson - '20 accepted enrollment
  • Parker Swanson - 21 (maybe) - he has applied
  • Lilian Swanson - '21 has applied
  • Nicholas Swanson - '21 has applied
  • Marisa Swanson – future cyclones
  • Delia Swanson – future cyclones

Not Pictured

  • Jeanne Swanson Eagle - '68 Food Science BS
  • Joyce Swanson Falkenberg - '69 Textiles and Clothing BS
  • Lenny Watts (Farm Assistant) - Winter Farm Op. Program - paid for his studies
  • Daniel Schulte (nephew) - '02 Ag. Business - paid full tuition
  • Derrick Schulte (nephew) - '15 Ag Studies - paid 1/2 tuition one year

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some events have an asterisks by the event name?

Some of our events require you to purchase tickets. These events are denoted by an asterisks (*) before the event name. Tickets can only be purchased as a part of registration. Click here to register now.

How do I cancel or amend my registration?

You can cancel or amend your registration until October 5. Dial 515-294-6222 or email registrations@iastate.edu

What do I do if all of the hotels are sold out?

There are many more hotels in the nearby cities of Boone and Ankeny.

Why is there not a football game?

The Cyclone Football team will be traveling this weekend, so we will have a volleyball game instead. This is different from past years, but we had great success with it last year and many families enjoyed the game.