Family of the Year

The Iowa State University Family of the Year is an honor that is given to a family that shows a strong connection and pride for ISU. We are honored to introduce the 2020 Family of the Year, the Fichter's!

2020 Family of the Year: The Fichter Family

From left to right:

Chris Mandt (2018), Heidi Fichter (2020), Adam Fichter (2015), Marissa Fichter (2015), Jourdan Fichter (2015), Austin Fichter (2015), Jean Fichter (1981), Corby Fichter (1980)

Family Bio

The Fichter family members are Heidi, and her fiance, Chris; brother Adam, and his wife Marissa; brother Austin and his wife Jourdan; and their parents, Jean and Corby. Every member of this family attended ISU, as well as over 25 extended family members over 4 generations, starting in 1917. Various members of the Fichter family were involved in the Homecoming Central Committee, FarmHouse Fraternity, The Salt Company, Dance Marathon, ISU Club Baseball, Greek Week, Cardinal Key, VEISHEA, and Study Abroad experiences. They also enjoy going to Cyclone football and basketball games together every year. The Fichter family is excited to receive this award because it recognizes and honors the family traditions they have been involved in for more than 100 years. Past experiences, as well as new traditions, are a special part of their family memories!